The Obstacle

Kids today are un-motivated, have a lack of vision for their lives and don’t understand the concept of a Growth Mindset.


Adults are suffering needlessly from Depression, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety and don’t know where to turn.


In a world that is so fast paced, many are losing their way and are doing what they can to distract, dispute, and displace the reality they find themselves in.

The Opportunity

We help those that lost their way by providing them the tools and strategy- the map if you will.


Whether it be through the book, a workshop / training, or a speaking engagement, the goal is still the same. And that is to provide the “Best Practices” map.

The map to Discovering the very Best Version of Yourself so that You Are Positioned For Power.


At the end of the day, I’m a life-long learner. I understand that “Good” is the greatest threat to “Great” and so, my goal is progress, not perfection. In the pursuit of that progress, I’m always seeking and finding better ways on how to improve on myself and achieve higher performance. I’ve used these “Best Practices” in the classroom as a teacher, and now I use them as a speaker, trainer, and strategist. But my goal remains the same – to Always Better My Best by Inspiring Bigger Vision, Equip with Sound Strategies, and Strive to Impact Hearts & Minds For Better Actions.  I’m grateful that you took the time to stop by. Feel free to check out our blog, and shoot us an email if you have any questions.

Client Testimonials

  • We can’t thank you enough for giving your time and energy and delivering such AMAZING presentations. Thank You.

    McAllen Memorial Counseling Dept.
  • WOW! You did such an excellent job. I want you to come present to my staff. I feel like a lot of the things you talked about can help everyone, especially my nurses.

    Grizelda RGV Hispanic Chamber event
  • I found myself repeating, “I AM A LION” throughout the day, and even before our football game that night and I felt powerful. Mr. Garza was awesome!

    Jayden Student at Memorial
  • You were able to keep my attention and that says a lot. I’m not one to really like these things but I gotta say, that was great. Good Job.

    Johnny Gutierez RGV Hispanic Chamber event
  • I was amazed how this speaker could keep his energy levels up after doing so many presentations per day, for 4 days. I’d be working on something in the back, and I’d be listening to his presentations, and he always managed to keep the students’ attention for the whole time. That’s not easy to do nowadays. Not only that, each time he presented, he added a little more here, and took out a little there. He modified and adapted to each group which worked out perfectly. And I loved his story-telling style. He is an amazing presenter.

    Mrs. Nava  Librarian at Memorial
  • I loved his story of Mike and Jorge. It made me think of the times when I would get picked on and nobody even noticed or cared, and how I’m turning it all around by being that friend to those in the same boat. I feel like I’m seeing things differently now, plus I’m going to start doing the mirror work he said for us to do. I can’t wait.

    Jessica Student at Memorial
  • I loved his presentation! He had all the students engaged, he used vocabulary that the kids could relate to, the strategies are cutting edge, (I know because I just saw some TED Talks where they mentioned similar tips) and the way he made connections between his stories and things we should do had all the students engaged and entertained.

    Mr. Gutierez Teacher at J.D. Salinas M.S.
  • I thought it was going to be a typical boring presentation with the usual stuff and boring videos. I was wrong. Mr. Garza started off with some funny videos, had us do some clapping exercises, and said some awesome stories. I now know, I AM A LION, and I don’t care what the gazelle think. Ha! He’s awesome and a great presenter.

    Michael Student at Lorenzo De Zavala M.S.
  • Sir, I just wanted to tell you, even though it didn’t look like your presentation helped anyone in that period, it really did. I know there was some peole, including me that it really helped and I just wanted to say Thank You.

    Eduardo Student @Memorial M.S.
  • His style of speaking and the examples he used were perfect. He had all of us into it. No one was bored And we were all just listening and learning.

    Patricia Student at JD.Salinas M.S.
  • >WOW! The video about Pork Chop really hit close to home with me. I loved it. I also liked the way he presented and told stories about his past and how it related to what a lot of us are going through. He was funny but interesting and made a lot of us think. I’m now gonna be the best me I can be and I’m gonna help others out too. Thank you Mr. Garza. That presentation Rocked!

    Krista Student @ Memorial
  • I loved it! You did such an amazing job And I loved your stories. That was just awesome!

    Mrs Robles RGV Hispanic Chamber
  • We were extremely impressed with your presentation given to our young boys this past December.  We had the opportunity to speak to them in regards to the presenters and I have to say they remembered your presentation vividly.   The fact that these young boys retained your information speaks volumes of the information you provided. Students felt they connected with your message and were kept attentive during the session.

    Mrs. Maria De Lourdes Macias Dr. Javier Saenz Middle School | 8th grade counselor
  • I stayed behind after the presentation just to tell Mr. Garza how much his presentation did help. I used to be bullied and have been very mad at those that bullied me, and even mad at myself, but after listening to the presentation and learning some things I can start doing, I feel better already.

    Amanda Student at Palmview H.S.
  • I AM A LION. I liked the way the presenter spoke today . He had my friends and I laughing, but ready to cry as well when he said that story of Mike and Jorge. I now know I need to be friendlier and be nice, especially to those who seem like they don’t need it. I’m doing it for me, not them. Thank you Mr. Garza.

    Alyssa Student at Memorial